Terms & Conditions
MOOD is a collection of “paper stories”, where the tangible surfaces, the signs, the feel, the colors, and the ability to compose and decompose all work together in order to explore the world of Maria Montessori in a new way with unique story-telling objects that are freely inspired by the Montessori philosophy.
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Terms & Conditions


MOOD commits to send to the Customers the Order Confirmation within 2 working days from the receipt of the Orders by the Customers.

If the Customers do not receive the Order Confirmation within the specified period, the concerning Order has to be considered as rejected by MOOD and, therefore, null and void.

By submitting the Orders, the Customers declare to have read all the instructions regarding the purchase methods of the Products referred to in art. 2 and to have fully accepted the General Conditions, and also to have read all the additional information contained in the Online Shop.

The Orders will be filed in the database of the Online Shop, in accordance with the methods and the provisions referred to in Legislative Decree 30.06.2003 no. 196 (“Privacy”) and will be accessible by contacting MOOD.


In order to ship the Orders, the Customers have to register themselves through the Online Shop by filling out all the “mandatory” data and by choosing a password to submit the Orders and to access, even later, to their own Profile.

The Customers can purchase the Products by choosing them from the section of the Online Shop dedicated to the searched type of Product and by putting them in the “cart”. If the Products that the Customers would like to purchase are more than one, the above-mentioned procedure has to be repeated. Once completed the selection of the Products, the Customers have to login by filling out their email address and password in the appropriate fields. Once verified the accuracy of the data concerning the chosen Product/s and of the “shipping information”, the Customers have to fill out the data for the payment; the Customers, thereafter, can proceed by submitting the Orders.


The Price is denominated in € (Euro). The shipping cost will be added up to the total of the order during the purchase step, it will be visible in the cart and it will be charged at the time of the payment.

Any taxes, levies, duties and other burdens provided by the laws of the Country where the Products are shipped and delivered will be at the full expense of the Customers and paid by them at the delivery of the Products directly to the pertaining fiscal or customs authorities, or to the courier in charge of the delivery. For all the countries the specified prices include VAT. The additional shipping and delivery costs will be calculated on the basis of the type of delivery and of the recipient’s address. These costs are separately specified both before the order submittal and in the order confirmation sent by email.

For the shipping to destinations different from the European Union Countries, there could be additional costs and taxes at the full expense of the recipient. The taxes are different depending on the pertaining Country and on the purchased products, so we cannot specify a fixed quote. The Customers should contact the customs of the recipient’s Country in order to obtain ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.


The Customers can pay for the Price and for the taxes of the shipping costs through PayPal.

By paying through PayPal, at the moment of the submittal of the Orders by the Customers, the Web session will be transferred to the safe PayPal Web address. On this Website the Customers can complete the payment of the Price and of the taxes for the shipping costs by using a credit card or the PayPal account, and in accordance with the conditions of use of the PayPal service.

The charge of the Price and of the taxes for the shipping costs on the PayPal account of the Customers takes place at the same time of the Order Confirmation submittal by MOOD.

The invoice will be sent by MOOD at the same time of the product shipping and in the same box of the product. The data provided by the Customers will be used for the purposes of the invoice issue. The information received by MOOD will be only used for the completion of the procedures concerning the Products sale and for the refund procedures in case of the exercise of the right to withdraw by the Customers.


MOOD is free to not ship the Products until the payment receiving; once received the payment, MOOD agrees to ship the Products within 2 working days from the executed payment notice to MOOD.

The Terms of delivery cannot, in any case, be binding and MOOD, being unable to directly check the Products delivery after their shipping, cannot be liable in case of failure.

The Customers, or other people appointed by the Customers present at the address of the Products delivery specified in the Order Confirmation, have to verify, at the moment of the delivery, that the Products are the same ones listed in the courier’s delivery note both in quantity and in type; that the packaging/box of the Products is intact, not damaged, wet or broken, even in the closing materials.

Any damage to the packaging/box of the Products has to be immediately notified by the Customers by putting a written checking reservation on the courier’s proof of delivery documentation. It is understood that, once signed the courier’s documentation without any notification, the Customers cannot anymore raise any objection towards MOOD with particular regard to the external features of the delivery.

The Products can be delivered by the couriers only to the Customers or to people authorized by them; the person that receives the Products has to sign the proof of delivery documentation. The couriers do not deliver packages to post-office boxes or by putting the Products in the mailboxes or other similar places.


The Customers have the right, pursuant to and in accordance with art. 64 of the Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, to withdraw from the Purchase Agreements within 14 days from the date of the Products’ receiving. The Right to withdraw has to be exercised by the Customers by sending to MOOD a written notification via email at the address info@montessorimood.com containing: the will to exercise the right to withdraw; and the Order number.

The Customers agree to return the Products within 10 working days from the date of the withdrawal notice; all the costs concerning the return of the Products are at the full expense of the Customers.

MOOD agrees to refund the Purchaser the whole amount paid for the goods purchase, by returning the paid sum, except for the transportation and taxes costs, and for the taxes of any duties, in the shortest possible time, and anyhow within 30 days from the date of the goods receiving on condition that the Products have been returned and are intact; – the original Products’ packaging/box has been returned and is intact; – any accessories, instruction manuals etc. have been returned and are intact; – the Products have not been used; the returns damaged, stained or broken CANNOT be accepted and refunded.

MOOD will communicate to the Customers the methods for the refund of the Price and can request, for this purpose, the bank data to the Customers.

If the Customers exercise the right to withdraw not in accordance with the methods and terms referred to in article 6, the Customers cannot receive the refund of the Price.


MOOD is in charge of any damage caused by flaws of the Products.


For additional information and assistance about the Online Shop or the purchase methods of the Online Shop, the Customers can contact MOOD customer help-desk at the address info@montessorimood.com