Shipping info
MOOD is a collection of “paper stories”, where the tangible surfaces, the signs, the feel, the colors, and the ability to compose and decompose all work together in order to explore the world of Maria Montessori in a new way with unique story-telling objects that are freely inspired by the Montessori philosophy.
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Shipping info

MOOD is free to not ship the Products until the payment receiving; once received the payment, MOOD agrees to ship the Products within 2 working days from the executed payment notice to MOOD.


Italy (4-5 working days): € 5,00
Ue (4-5 working days): € 12,00
Extra-Ue (4-5 working days): € 30,00 / € 40,00

FREE PICK UP available in our offices: 
Via Costa 1
60033, Chiaravalle AN – Italy
Reserve your pick-up date and time by writing to us at:, with your name, surname and telephone number. We will contact you with details regarding your pick up date and time.

FREE SHIPPING for purchases over € 100 (available only in Italy and Europe)